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Solar hot water systems and solar PV systems are both very reliable technologies, if installed correctly. Although solar has become very popular over the last couple of years there are many older sytems out there also. As a responcible installer we offer a repair service, and annual maintenance.

Keeping your system maintained properly, will ensure maximum performance.
If you have a system that need repair, and is still under the installers warranty then try them first, but if they are no longer trading, or dont offer maintenance, then we can help. Call anytime for friendly advice.

Solar hot water systems
Over time, or if regular stagnation (overheating) occours, then the heat transfer solution will degrade. This will reduce the antifreeze and heat transfer qualities. It will also change the pH value and this can lead to pipework/ rubber component corrosion. Part of our service routine is to establish the condition of the glycol, and change it if required.
Solar hot water systems can loose pressure over time, this will be evident on the pump station pressure gauge.
Call us today if your system needs repairs or a service.

Solar PV Systems

If a fault develops on a PV system then the inverter display will often show a message or fault code, this will help us diagnose the problem. Poor installation is the most common fault found with a system. Remember they operate at high voltage, and have DC current hazards too. Only allow a specialist trained PV engineer to work on your system.
If your installer left rails sticking out of the end of the panels, or did some other poor installation work, then we can probably help with that too.

The recent bad weather has kept us busy repairing sub-standard systems. Unfortunatley a lot of budget solar systems have been installed, and as a way of reducing the price, the installers have used poor quality mounting systems, or simply not enough mounting brakets.

If your panels are moving in the wind, or are now out of line, call us before the worst happens, we can usually fix it.

Whatever your solar Mantenance needs, we can help you.

Our services

  • Solar PV repairs
  • Solar PV annual maintenance
  • Solar hot water repairs
  • Solar hot water annual mantenance

If you would like to know more about Solar, Heatpumps or Biomass boilers or would like to book a free survey, please contact us;

Telephone 07500 932951

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