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Heating swimming pools with solar thermal panels is the ideal way to heat your pool. If the pool is used in the summer months only, then solar may be the only heat source required. If your pool is in use year round then an auxillary heater, boiler or air source heat pump will be required. In a correctly designed and installed solar pool heating system, the solar can be expected to provide around 50% of the heat required, that halves your pool heating costs!

Kingspan Thermomax are the market leaders in evacuated tubes and they are the most efficient systems, they are manufactured in the UK. This pool has a volume of 51,000litres, and measures 8.8m x 3.9m. The Bowman heat exchanger converts the energy collected by the solar panels, and transfers it into the pool water circulation.
Even in the winter months, because the tubes are super insulated by the vacuum, they convert light into heat, and put some energy into the pool. The remainder is supplied by the boiler.
Because pools are heated to a relativley low temperature, this makes solar thermal the ideal heat source to provide free green energy for your swimming pool.

There are many possabilities for the installation of the solar panels. On this project in Halifax Yorkshire, we mounted 90 Kingspan Thermomax  evacuated tubes using a flat roof system.
Alternativley they can be mounted on a pitched roof, on ground mounted frames, sometimes they can be mounted against a wall, or even flat on a flat roof, although more panels would be required.

A Bowman heat exchanger. Unlike some cheaper ones on the market, this unit can be stripped for maintenance or repair.

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